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Understanding Wedding Makeup and Hair Cost

When it comes to planning your dream European destination wedding, several factors influence the overall experience. One critical aspect to consider is your wedding makeup and hair. These elements play a vital role in enhancing your bridal look, contributing significantly to your wedding day memories. This is where BLBS steps in! We are a select team of professionals led by the renowned makeup artist Anna Kalytyak, specialising in providing bespoke wedding makeup and hair services across Europe.

Wedding Makeup and Hair Cost - BLBS

An In-Depth Breakdown for Brides Planning a European Destination Wedding

The cost of wedding makeup can vary, depending on your chosen package and artist expertise level. At BLBS, we offer an array of beauty services to cater to every bride's needs and budget, with pricing transparency being one of our top priorities.

Wedding Makeup and Hair Cost for European Destination Wedding - BLBS

Bridal Hair and Makeup Services

Our highly skilled senior artists offer bridal makeup and hair services at 250€ each. Bridesmaids can also enjoy professional make-up and hair services at 100€ each. If you desire a more exclusive touch, Anna Kalytyak, recognized as the best makeup artist in Europe by The Wed, offers bridal makeup and hair services at 300€ each. Bridesmaid's makeup and hair are available at 150€ each under Anna's expert guidance.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Services i Italy - BLBS

Trial Sessions

Trial sessions are vital to ensure you are completely satisfied with your look before the big day. BLBS provides makeup and hair trial sessions with a senior artist at 100€ each. With Anna, the sessions are available at 125€ each.

Bridal Trial Session - BLBS

Extra Services

We also offer touch-up services at 30€/h with a senior artist and 50€/h with Anna Kalytyak to keep you looking flawless throughout your special day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Italy - BLBS

Wedding Beauty Packages

For a more comprehensive service, we recommend our exclusive packages:

Wedding Beauty Packages - BLBS

  • Standard: Includes bridal makeup, bridal hair, a trial session, and a makeup kit for the bride as a gift. This package costs 650€ with a senior artist and 800€ with Anna Kalytyak.

  • Diamond: This package adds makeup OR hair services for ten ladies to the standard package. The Diamond package is priced at 1450€ with our senior artist team and 1700€ with Anna Kalytyak and her team.

Premium Beauty Packages for Weddings

For a truly luxurious experience, consider our premium packages:

Premium Beauty Packages for Weddings - BLBS

  • The Queen: Along with bridal makeup and hair, this package includes a trial session, a party look for the bride, a makeup kit for the bride as a gift, and a touch-up service. This package is available for 900€ with a senior artist and 1200€ with Anna Kalytyak.

  • Bridal Squad: This package includes all services offered in "The Queen" package plus makeup AND hair for ten ladies. The Bridal Squad package costs 2350€ with a senior artist team and 2500€ with Anna Kalytyak and her team.

Try Our Bridal Hair & Makeup Cost Calculator

With BLBS, your bridal makeup and hair are in trusted hands. Our dedication to delivering unparalleled service makes us a preferred choice for brides planning their dream European destination wedding. To check the price for your wedding needs, please click “Cost calculator” in the menu and get a customized offer. If you have any further queries regarding our services or would like to book a consultation, please feel free to contact us.

Remember, your wedding makeup is not just about the day; it's about creating a look you'll remember forever. Choose wisely and let BLBS make your dream wedding look a reality.


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