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A wedding is a long-awaited, exciting day that you will remember all your life, which means that you should think over the wedding look to the smallest detail. 

On a solemn day, any bride wants to be beautiful, stylish, stunning, and also look good in wedding photos. 

Wedding makeup and hairstyle are always one of the most important aspects in creating the perfect celebration.

Bridal Hair Artists in Italy, Europe, and worldwide - BLBS Management



Wedding hair services in Italy, Europe and worldwide - BLBS Management
Wedding hair services in Italy, Europe and worldwide - BLBS
Bridal makeup services in Italy - BLBS Management
Bridal hair services in Italy, Europe - BLBS Management

Hairstyle durability:

Wedding hairstyles made by a wedding stylist differ from the usual styling and hairstyles not only with a veil but also with durability. It is important that the bride looks well-groomed until the end of the evening. It is thanks to the years of experience of our masters that your hairstyle will be resistant to any conditions.

Bridal hairstyle features:

Wedding fashion trends change every year, and the choice of hairstyles is constantly growing. The possibilities for wedding hairstyles are almost endless. Wedding hairstyles are a whole art that requires a special look and a large stock of ideas. The main thing is naturalness, nothing more. The hairstyle should be neat, modern, and unique.

Bridal hair services in Italy and Europe - BLBS Management
Wedding hair services in Italy and Europe - BLBS Management

BLBS Bridal Hair Stylist

At BLBS, we work with your individual look and hair type to find the perfect style that will complete your wedding day. After the initial trial, our team of creative hair artists will create a timeline for the morning preparation so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Our team has years of experience working with hairpieces and extensions, creating flawless up-dos and gorgeous Hollywood, vintage, and boho looks that are both timeless and on-trend. We have lots of ideas, so if you are still hesitating about what to go for, you can trust us to give you lots of bridal inspiration.

Our stylists always take into account the length, thickness, density, and manageability of the client's hair to select the appropriate styling products and wedding hairstyle that suits you. Whatever look you want, we can create a beautiful bridal hairstyle that will make you look your best.

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