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Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Paris

Paris, the City of Love, presents the quintessential canvas for your dream wedding. BLBS brings the elegance and sophistication of Parisian beauty to your special day with bespoke wedding hair and makeup services tailored to your desires.

Bridal Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Paris - BLBS
Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Paris - BLBS

Iconic Parisian Backdrops

Your wedding photos will be set against some of the most iconic backdrops in the world. From the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower to the grandeur of the Louvre, these landmarks provide an unparalleled atmosphere that adds to the magic of your wedding day.

Culinary Excellence for Your Celebration

France is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, and Paris is at its heart. Your wedding feast will be more than just a meal; it'll be a culinary journey that will delight your senses and impress your guests.

Accessibility Meets Luxury

Paris is not only a hub of beauty but also of convenience. It is well-connected by air and land, making it an easy destination for guests to travel to. In addition, the city offers luxurious accommodation options that cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

A Fairytale Setting in the Heart of France

Paris isn’t just a location, it’s the embodiment of romance and glamor, making it an idyllic setting for weddings. With its timeless allure and romantic ambiance, it offers an unrivaled setting for such a cherished occasion.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Château de Versailles, Paris - BLBS

Château de Versailles

Step into the opulence of royal history with a wedding at the Château de Versailles, where grand halls and manicured gardens await.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Rodin Museum, Paris - BLBS

Rodin Museum

For an intimate and artistic setting, the Rodin Museum offers a mix of classic architecture and sculptural art.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Shangri-La Hotel, Paris - BLBS

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Offering a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Shangri-La Hotel is the epitome of Parisian luxury and charm.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris - BLBS

Jardin du Luxembourg

Marry amidst the lush greenery and serene beauty of the Luxembourg Gardens, a hidden gem in the city.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Le Meurice, Paris - BLBS

Le Meurice

Le Meurice, with its grand decor and central location, provides a palatial setting fit for a fairy tale wedding.

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Palais Garnier, Paris - BLBS

Palais Garnier

For a dramatic and opulent setting, the Palais Garnier offers a venue steeped in history and elegance.

Best Wedding Venues in Paris

Paris houses an array of enchanting venues to suit every couple’s style, from historic palaces to secret gardens.

BLBS is synonymous with Parisian chic, offering a team of highly skilled makeup artists and hairstylists who understand the latest trends and classic styles. Capture the essence of Parisian elegance on your wedding day with BLBS—where beauty meets perfection. 

Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Paris - BLBS

Parisian Chic with BLBS Bridal Beauty Services

Your Perfect Day Deserves the Perfect Look

As you plan your unforgettable wedding in Paris, let BLBS craft the perfect look for you. With a touch of Parisian finesse, our hair and makeup services will ensure you look and feel like royalty on your special day.


Contact us to explore our wedding packages and secure your date. Book now and say "oui" to bridal beauty that’s as timeless as Paris itself.

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