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Wedding Hair and Makeup in Lake Orta

Lake Orta provides an idyllic setting for your special day. Offering an exquisite blend of natural beauty and charming villages. At BLBS, we understand the importance of looking your best on your wedding day. Our skilled team of bridal hair and makeup artists are here to ensure you shine bright on your big day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Lake Orta - BLBS
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Lake Orta - BLBS

Unparalleled Panoramas and Historical Charm

The enchanting landscapes and historical architecture of Lake Orta together create the quintessential backdrop for your cherished wedding photos. In every direction, you will find charming old-world buildings and structures that tell the story of the area's rich history. As you and your guests explore, you will be greeted by breathtaking vistas that perfectly encapsulate the beauty and serenity of Lake Orta, making it an ideal location for those once-in-a-lifetime moments to be captured forever.

A Secret Haven for Lovers

Lake Orta, in contrast to its more well-known and bustling neighbors, provides a much more intimate and peaceful setting that is absolutely perfect for a romantic and personal wedding celebration. The lake itself is smaller and more secluded, giving you the sense that you have stumbled upon your very own private oasis. The surrounding landscapes are equally tranquil, with soft, rolling hills and quiet, secluded valleys that create an atmosphere of intimacy and romance. 

Immerse Yourself in Local Traditions and History

Lake Orta is steeped in culture and history, with a wealth of historic churches, charming villages, and ancient buildings that offer a unique and rich experience for you and your guests. The area's history is evident in the beautiful old-world architecture and the many historic sites that can be found throughout the region. The villages around the lake are home to charming cobblestone streets, lovely old buildings, and a variety of quaint shops and cafes.

Lake Orta: Your Dream Wedding Destination

The area is rich in history and culture, providing a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Villa Crespi, Lake Orta - BLBS

Villa Crespi

This stunning Moorish-style villa, located on the shores of Lake Orta, offers a luxurious and exclusive setting for your wedding.

Bridal Hair and Makeup San Giulio Island, Lake Orta - BLBS

San Giulio Island

The historic island, with its ancient basilica, is a unique and enchanting location for your wedding ceremony.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Villa Bossi, Lake Orta - BLBS

Villa Bossi

The elegant villa, set amidst lush gardens, provides a romantic setting for your wedding celebrations.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Sacro Monte di Orta, Lake Orta - BLBS

Sacro Monte di Orta

The sacred mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside, perfect for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Ustaria Ca dal Rat, Lake Orta - BLBS

Ustaria Ca dal Rat

This charming lakeside restaurant provides a cozy and intimate setting for your wedding reception.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Locanda di Orta, Lake Orta - BLBS

Locanda di Orta

This boutique hotel, with its panoramic terrace overlooking the lake, is an ideal location for a small and intimate wedding.

The Most Idyllic Wedding Venues at Lake Orta

The serene beauty of Lake Orta, with its crystal-clear waters and picturesque villages, creates a perfect romantic backdrop for your wedding.

At BLBS, our team of professional wedding hair stylists and makeup artists are dedicated to creating the perfect look for your special day. Our variety of styles cater to every bride's unique taste and preference, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Lake Orta - BLBS

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty with Bridal Beauty Services 

Book Your Wedding Beauty Services with BLBS Today!

Lake Orta is a perfect location that combines natural beauty, historical charm, and intimate settings to create a perfect backdrop for your wedding. Our team of skilled bridal hair and makeup artists are here to ensure you look and feel your best on your big day. We offer a range of wedding makeup and hair packages to suit every bride's needs.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements and book your beauty services with BLBS – your trusted partner for an unforgettable wedding experience at Lake Orta.

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