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Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Umbria

Are you looking for a special and beautiful setting for your destination wedding? Then you must visit Umbria, where every bride dreams of a picturesque wedding setting.

Bridal Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Umbria - BLBS
Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Umbria - BLBS

Discover the Diversity of Venues for Your Dream Wedding in Umbria

The excellent venue selections are one of the nicest parts about planning a destination wedding in Umbria. You may choose from quaint vineyards and farmhouses to magnificent castles and majestic churches to create the ideal setting for your style and vision. Umbria offers all you need for a huge, elegant occasion or an intimate, romantic gathering. 

Add a Touch of History and Culture to Your Wedding

The rich cultural legacy of Umbria, which has a Roman-era history, is yet another outstanding feature of this region. This gives your wedding an extra magical touch, and you may use local customs, music, and cuisine to make your day completely unique.

Celebrate your Wedding in the Heart of Italy

Umbria, known for its rich tapestry of rolling hills, pristine cities, and historic venues, offers the diversity brides dream of. And BLBS ensures every bride's hair and makeup for wedding matches this elegance.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Castello di Reschio - BLBS

Castello di Reschio

Nestled in the lush Umbrian hills, Castello di Reschio is a historic castle turned luxury hotel that exudes elegance and romance. The venue’s unique blend of rustic charm and refined sophistication, combined with breathtaking views, make it an unparalleled choice for couples seeking a truly enchanting setting.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Borgo Dei Conti Resort - BLBS

Borgo Dei Conti Resort

Borgo Dei Conti Resort, a remarkable transformation of a historic borgo, is a fusion of traditional Umbrian architecture and contemporary luxury. This resort, surrounded by a serene countryside, provides a tranquil yet lavish setting. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Villa Pianciani - BLBS

Villa Pianciani

This venue is famed for its beautiful Italian gardens and panoramic views. The villa's spacious terraces and grand halls provide a versatile space for both outdoor and indoor celebrations, catering to a range of wedding styles and sizes.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Tenuta Di Murlo - BLBS

Tenuta Di Murlo

This expansive estate, featuring olive groves and vineyards, presents a picturesque setting for a countryside wedding. The estate's various villas and farmhouses are perfect for accommodating guests, making it an ideal choice for destination weddings.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Abbazia San Faustino - BLBS

Abbazia San Faustino

Rich in history and oozing with charm, this venue offers a unique blend of medieval architecture and modern comforts. Its ancient stone cloisters and manicured gardens provide a serene and majestic setting for both the ceremony and reception.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Palazzo Terranova - BLBS

Palazzo Terranova

Overlooking the Umbrian valleys, this venue offers spectacular views and a luxurious ambiance. Its beautifully decorated rooms and terraced gardens make it a splendid choice for those who desire a wedding that combines grandeur with the intimate charm of the Italian countryside.

Best Wedding Venues in Umbria

From ancient castles to luxurious villas, Umbria offers a variety of stunning locations to tie the knot. Each venue here blends the charm of Italian culture with modern amenities, ensuring a memorable experience for couples and their guests.

Last but not least, Umbria is an ideal spot for your wedding because to its breathtaking scenery, a wide range of venues, and rich cultural history. With the help of BLBS Hair and Makeup services, you'll look and feel your best. Get ready to enjoy your special day in the heart of Italy by booking your wedding day and trial session with BLBS right now!

Hair and Makeup for Destination Wedding in Umbria - BLBS

Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Umbria

Get Ready to Shine on Your Umbria Wedding Day

BLBS Hair and Makeup Services are the perfect choice for brides looking for professional and personalized beauty services in Umbria. With years of experience in the bridal beauty industry and a deep understanding of the latest beauty trends, BLBS stylists are dedicated to making sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

From natural and understated looks to bold and glamorous styles, BLBS has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Trust them to create a flawless and long-lasting look that will make you shine on your big day.

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