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Wedding Hair and Makeup in Santorini

Dreaming of a destination wedding in Greece? Santorini is your choice! With its iconic white-washed structures, mesmerizing blue waters, and golden sunsets, it's the idyllic backdrop for your special day. At BLBS, we specialize in making your wedding makeup and hair dreams come to life amidst this Grecian paradise.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Santorini - BLBS
Wedding Hair and Makeup in Santorini - BLBS

Stunning Views of Wedding Venues

With so many breathtaking venues to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect spot to exchange vows. Whether you want a cliff-side ceremony with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea or a traditional Greek wedding in a charming village, Santorini has you covered.

Rich Culture for your Destination Wedding

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Santorini on your special day. From exploring the ancient ruins of Akrotiri to experiencing traditional Greek dances, you and your guests will have a blast.

Taste the Love in Santorini

Foodies, this one's for you! Santorini is famous for its delicious cuisine, and you'll have the chance to try some of the best food in Greece. From fresh seafood to classic Greek dishes, your taste buds will be in heaven.

Perfect Weather, Perfect Wedding

With a warm and sunny climate, Santorini is the perfect place to get married at any time of year. Whether you want a spring or summer wedding or an intimate winter celebration, the island's mild weather will make your day even more special.

Expert Wedding Beauty Services in Santorini

Alongside the many professional wedding offerings in Santorini, BLBS stands out for bridal hair and makeup. With our hair and makeup artist team, your Grecian fairytale will be complete.

Why Santorini is the Ultimate Wedding Destination:

If you are still looking for a place for your wedding and are thinking about Santorini, we will tell you about a few pros.

Makeup and Hair in Santorini

Embrace the magic of Santorini with BLBS, your ultimate bridal beauty partner. Imagine getting ready in a serene setting, where each stroke of the brush adds to your radiance, and every hairstyle complements the island’s breezy elegance. Our team ensures you look stunning in the ethereal light of Santorini, making your wedding photos timeless treasures. Trust BLBS to provide an unrivaled beauty experience, blending the island's natural allure with your personal style, creating a look that's uniquely yours and unforgettable.

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Rocabella Hotel - BLBS

Rocabella Hotel

This venue is renowned for its spellbinding views of the caldera and therapeutic spa, rumored to be blessed by Hygeia, the goddess of health, offering a rejuvenating escape for the wedding couple. 

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Cavo Ventus - BLBS

Cavo Ventus

Legend has it that this 200-year-old windmill was once the secret meeting spot of lovers who left messages in the stones for each other. Your special day here will be steeped in history, with the Aegean Sea as your backdrop.

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Santorini Gem - BLBS

Santorini Gem

The venue is known for its dazzling gemstone-inspired architecture, where each stone is said to imbue the atmosphere with love and happiness, ensuring that your wedding day is nothing short of magical. 

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Le Ciel - BLBS

Le Ciel

Le Ciel, meaning 'The Sky' in French, offers an ethereal wedding experience, as if floating above the clouds with breathtaking views of the island. This venue is famed for its exquisite sunsets, where the sky and sea meet in a riot of colors, creating a heavenly ambiance.

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Venetsanos Winery - BLBS

Venetsanos Winery

With its volcanic stone architecture, the winery tells a rich tale of innovation, passion, and tradition, offering a rustic yet refined backdrop for your celebration. The terraced vineyards and the breathtaking view of the caldera create a romantic setting.

Makeup and Hair in Santorini, Canaves Oia - BLBS

Canaves Oia

The venue's history as a 17th-century canava, where wine barrels were once stored, adds a layer of historical allure, making your wedding a part of Santorini's storied tradition of love and celebration.

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Santorini

From sun-kissed terraces to intimate beachfronts, these venues offer a perfect canvas for your dream wedding.

At BLBS, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty. Our skilled makeup artist for wedding occasions, combined with our bridal hair stylist, ensures you'll radiate confidence on your big day. Leveraging premium, professional-grade products, we guarantee a look that remains impeccable from your first step down the aisle till the last dance. As your traveling makeup artist, BLBS offers mobile hair and makeup near me services. This means you can relax in your venue of choice while our makeup and hair stylist team works their magic.

Hair And Makeup Artist For Destination Wedding in Santorini - BLBS

Hair And Makeup Artist For Your Destination Wedding in Santorini

Book BLBS for your bridal makeup and hair in Santorini

Your search for the perfect hair and makeup artist for wedding celebrations in Santorini ends with BLBS. Together, let's craft a bridal look that mirrors the enchantment of Santorini. BLBS uses only the highest quality, professional-grade products to ensure that your hair and makeup look flawless throughout your wedding day.

So what are you waiting for? Contact BLBS today to book your trial session and wedding day!

FAQs for Makeup and Hair Services in Santorini

  • What makes BLBS the top choice for makeup and hair styling in Lake Como?
    Our dedication is to provide personalised, high-quality makeup and hair styling services. BLBS team is experienced makeup artists and hair stylists in Lake Como. We specialise in creating looks that are tailored to each client's unique style and taste. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure your look enhances your natural beauty and stays flawless throughout your event. These reasons make us a top choice for anyone looking for exceptional makeup and hair services in the Lake Como area.
  • Does BLBS Management offer trials for makeup and hair styling in Lake Como?
    Yes, we offer trial sessions for both makeup and hair styling. This is an essential part of our process. It allows our clients to explore different looks to choose their favourite. Moreover, it allows you to work closely with our team to refine your vision for your special day or event in Lake Como. Trials help to make sure that on the day of the event, everything runs smoothly and you look exactly as you envisioned.
  • When choosing BLBS beauty services in Lake Como, what should I keep in mind?
    Your own style and the type of event you are hosting should be taken into consideration when selecting your makeup and hairstyle with BLBS in Lake Como. Think about your attire, the place, and the season. Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, or photo session, our staff can offer style advice that plays up the breathtaking Lake Como backdrop and makes you feel amazing.
  • How does you ensure my makeup and hairstyle endure the Lake Como climate?
    Understanding the climate challenges in Lake Como, our artists use high-quality, long-lasting makeup and hair products designed to withstand various weather conditions. We also apply proven techniques to ensure your look remains impeccable, from the ceremony to the last dance or throughout your event. Our team also provides touch-up services throughout the important day, ensuring brides can relax and feel beautiful at every moment.
  • How long does it usually take to do hair and makeup on the day of the event?
    Depending on the complexity of the look you've chosen, we usually allocate 1 to 2 hours for makeup and an extra 1 to 2 hours for hair styling to ensure a flawless experience. We suggest scheduling a bit more time to ensure you enjoy a relaxed, pampering experience before your event begins.
  • Can BLBS accommodate large groups for makeup and hair services in Lake Como?
    Absolutely! Our experienced makeup and hair crew can accommodate large parties for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. We work together with you to ensure that every member of your party has a coordinated and magnificent look that complements the style and occasion of your event.
  • How far in advance should I book my makeup and hair appointments in Lake Como?
    To guarantee that we can meet your needs, we recommend scheduling your makeup and hair services at least 3-6 months in advance, particularly during high seasons. This enables us to plan precisely and give you with the great service that BLBS is recognised for.
  • Apart from weddings, what other events in Lake Como can BLBS provide makeup and hair styling for?
    BLBS is happy to provide makeup and hair styling services in Lake Como for a variety of events other than weddings, such as birthdays, photoshoots, anniversaries, and any other special occasion that requires a professional touch.
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