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How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade for Your Wedding Day

Unquestionably, the day of your wedding is among the most significant in your life. As part of the BLBS team of wedding hair and makeup specialists, we understand the significance of every detail - from your dress to your shoes, and most importantly, your makeup! One focal point for every bridal makeup and hair look is the lips. But with so many shades and brands available, how do you find the perfect lipstick shade for your special day?

How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade for Wedding - BLBS

Wedding Makeup and Hair-matching

Before you jump into makeup and hair wedding choices, take a moment to visualize your entire look. Your hair and makeup for a wedding should not only complement your facial features but also your overall wedding attire. If your wedding makeup features cool tones, opt for a lipstick shade with similar undertones.

Wedding Makeup and Hair-matching - BLBS

Skin Tone Perfection for Bridal Look

One of the fundamental rules in the makeup artist wedding world is to find shades that complement your skin tone. Here at BLBS, our makeup artists for weddings always recommend:

  • Fair skin: Berry shades or soft pinks

  • Olive or tan skin: Coral or nude shades

  • Dark skin: Deep reds or plums

To find out what your skin tone is, click here.

Skin Tone Perfection for Bridal Look - BLBS

Brides Gallery Inspirations

Check out our brides gallery for a plethora of lipstick inspiration! Our wedding makeup artists have showcased a variety of looks to suit different themes, dresses, and personal styles.

Brides Gallery Inspirations - BLBS

Wedding Dress Color Matters

Your bridal makeup artist knows that your wedding dress color can heavily influence your lipstick choice. A stark white dress pairs well with bolder hues, while cream or off-white gowns are complemented by softer shades.

How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade for Your Bridal Look - BLBS

Consult a Bridal Makeup Artist

At BLBS, we have an experienced team of bridal makeup artist professionals, with whom you can talk and get advice. Booking a trial session can give you insights into personalized recommendations tailored to your needs. It's an excellent opportunity for makeup and hair stylist experts from BLBS to showcase various shades, ensuring you find the perfect hue for your big day.

Bridal Makeup Artist Consultancy - BLBS

Keep in Mind Your Wedding Location and Theme

For those getting married in iconic locations like Italy (we know a fantastic makeup artist in Italy!), or planning to visit hair salons in Venice, your destination might influence your lipstick choice. Beach weddings often beckon for breezy, nude tones, while grand ballroom affairs might require a dash of drama with deeper shades.

Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade for Your Wedding Day - BLBS

Consider the Budget for Wedding Makeup

While you want the best for your big day, keeping an eye on wedding makeup costs and wedding makeup prices is essential. At BLBS, we offer a range of wedding hair and makeup packages to suit every budget without compromising on quality.

Find Your Perfect Lip Shade with BLBS

Finding the perfect lipstick shade for your wedding day might feel daunting with so many options available. But with expert makeup artists for wedding advice and trial sessions, you're sure to land on a shade that makes you feel as radiant on the outside as you do on the inside. Remember, the BLBS team is always here to help!

Book your appointment today with BLBS, your trusted wedding hair and makeup artist, and let us make your day truly special!


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