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Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2022-2023

The ideal image of a modern bride includes not only a beautiful wedding dress but also additional accessories and jewelry that are thought out to the smallest detail, which in an ensemble with a festive hairstyle and makeup should create a romantic and charming appearance.

Having decided on the wedding makeup, which we wrote about here (link), you can safely start choosing a fashionable wedding hairstyle for the 2023 wedding, which can depend on the mood of the entire look of a bride.

When choosing a hairstyle for the bride, it is worth taking into account the importance of the fashion influence. This year, the world's hairdressers-stylists suggest paying attention to naturalness and slight carelessness in the bride's hairstyle. Next year's wedding hairstyle trends are light waves, beautiful curls, smoothly combed hair, and laid-in luxurious buns.

BLBS - Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2022-2023

Hairstyles with accessories

Elegant curls, invisible pins, luxury rims, and ribbons - this is what is fashionable in the hairstyles of modern brides. There are actually a lot of options, so you can add something that favorably emphasizes your style.

We also recommend decorating wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers, and hairpins with ornamental flowers, which are harmoniously combined with the wedding dress and the bride's bouquet. The trend is to use soft combs, elegant tiaras, and ribbons. As a rule, they help in creating unusual hairstyles of various stylistic directions. For example, for a wedding in a retro style, use a veil or an elegant hat that is combined with a dress.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil

As a rule, the more luxurious the veil, the more laconic the wedding hairstyle 2022-2023 should look. At the same time, the beauty master must take care of the stability of the hairstyle with a veil. Airy hairstyles are suitable for a light veil made of tulle. And for those brides who prefer a chic embroidered veil, stylists advise choosing simpler wedding hairstyles. You can also consider wedding options of asymmetric hairstyles, loose curls, and Hollywood waves when the hair falls from the shoulders, so there is no pressure from the veil.

Wedding bunches

Bunches remain the most popular wedding hairstyles of the 2023 season. There are quite a lot of fashionable options to collect hair in a bun, but most modern brides prefer hairstyles with a smooth low bun. This type of wedding hairstyle is universal for any bride, goes well with a veil and rich jewelry, can be done on any length of hair, and is suitable both for chic lush outfits and for a minimalist elegant wedding dress. The bundle can be decorated with flowers, and hairpins or left without accessories. It will hold up well throughout the celebration. And it can be made high, medium, and at the level of the back of the head

Hairstyles with a tail

At first glance, this is a simple and practical hairstyle, and during the entire celebration it will last impeccably, but with accessories or flowers added, it will turn into an elegant festive bridal hairstyle. Fashionable wedding hairstyles with a tail are suitable for brides who do not want to use a veil, appreciate the convenience of styling, and want to emphasize the natural length and beauty of their hair. You can always decorate your hair with an elegant accessory or a delicate crown. The tail can also be of different heights and with added elements. This is an interesting option that will look concise and luxurious at the same time. Leave the high smooth ponytail for wedding parties, and for delicate and sophisticated looks, choose a hairstyle with a tail and twisted strands. To make the ponytail look really stylish, our hairdressers can make it simpler, or even add a touch of the trend with unusual accessories.

Wedding hairstyles with loose ha

Even if you just leave your hair loose, with a neat parting and a slight volume at the roots, you will get a light casual look of the bride, which is so trendy today. For a more festive look, choose wedding hairstyles with curls, which also have several options. Perfect voluminous curls, light beach waves, and wonderful Hollywood waves. Beautiful pearl jewelry is also perfectly combined with Hollywood waves. The era of massive curls with lots of hairsprays is over. They were replaced by lighter options. Light waves do not require long styling, and thin braids are an elegant element of the hairstyle. By the way, they go well with straight and wavy hair. So choose a wedding hairstyle to your taste.

Professional Bridal Hair Stylist

The modern idea of a bride has long since changed its direction. Couples today have more freedom and can make any wedding wishes come true. For example, many people are inclined to choose a themed wedding celebration, so the trends for wedding dresses have changed a lot. Considering this, wedding hairstyles are also subject to transformation. Regardless of the complexity of the hairstyle you have chosen, our beauty experts will not only be able to perform it flawlessly, but also make it stable so that your wedding can take place without worrying about your appearance. Also, if you have not yet chosen or are hesitating about which hairstyle will suit you, our beauticians will help you choose it according to your wishes, makeup, face shape, and dress.


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