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A Lakeside Love Story: Embracing Timeless Elegance at Lake Como

In the heart of Lake Como, surrounded by green gardens and the old charm of Villa Balbiano, a couple’s love story became a real-life fairytale. This beautiful place, right by the water with views that take your breath away, was where they chose to celebrate their special day. It was a day filled with beauty, where Anna Kalytyak and the BLBS team played a magical role in making the bride shine in her own unique way.

Bridal Makeup and Hair Lake Como - BLBS

The Setting of Their Story

The grand Villa Balbiano and its peaceful gardens set the scene for a wedding that felt like stepping into a storybook. The old villa, with its rich history and stunning views, made love feel even more special. The wedding was designed to make everyone feel like they were in a dream, with the soft light by the lake adding a glow to every moment.

Beauty Crafted by BLBS

Anna Kalytyak and her team knew how important it was for the bride to look and feel her best. They took inspiration from the beauty of the lake and the villa to create a look that was both timeless and truly hers. Choosing the right people to help with her hair and makeup was key, and BLBS made sure everything was perfect, matching the beauty of the day.

Bridal Makeup and Hair, Lake Como - BLBS

Details That Tell a Story

Every piece of the wedding, from the flowers to the decorations, was picked to tell the couple’s own love story. They followed simple advice to make their day beautiful: pick a place with great views, add personal touches that mean something special to you, and choose colours that feel classic but with a bit of sparkle. This made their wedding not just grand but deeply personal and full of love.

Your Dream Day with BLBS

This Lake Como wedding reminds us of how beautiful love is and how each wedding is a unique celebration of that love. With Anna Kalytyak and BLBS, you can have your own fairytale wedding. We're here to make sure your beauty shines in a way that's all your own, fitting perfectly into the day you've always dreamed of.

Make Your Love Story Come to Life with BLBS

Feeling inspired by this story of love by Lake Como? Let BLBS help make your wedding day unforgettable. Our team is ready to create a look for you that’s as special as your love story. With our help, getting ready for your big day will be easy and full of joy.


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